[TriLUG] data center class x86 systems

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I have been told in today's world you might want to look at the Oracle database machine.
I have been told that Oracle licensing on the Oracle hardware appliance may be better.

The Oracle hardware appliance can be either Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris.

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Hi all,

We are looking at changing out the current x86 systems we use for Oracle databases in our data centers, which run Oracle Linux.  Some are blades and some are standalone systems.  The current model we use has a pretty high hardware failure rate, even though a lot of it is redundant.  Most of these systems are 4X2 or 4X4 core, 256 - 512 GB RAM, with 1G and 10G LAN connections, and all the application data is on NFS, not local disk.

Does anyone have any recommendations on vendors (HP, IBM, Cisco, etc.), models and configurations that are fairly stable as well as redundant hardware-wise?  It would help my research to have some recommendations from folks who have been running these configurations successful for a good length of time.

Thanks so much for your help!

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