[TriLUG] Digital AM/FM/LW SSB SW Radio

John Riselvato jdriselvato at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 23:58:51 EST 2012

I remember a while back reading someones post talking about HAM radios,
which I guess was accepted as a TRILug Discussion. (Its techy and... fun ==
In anycase, while I was studying for my calculus final exam, I some how
found myself emerged in Shortwave radio reviews on youtube. I don't know
how I got there, everything seems so fuzzy (poor frequencies?).
I really enjoyed what I was learning from comparison videos on the DEGEN
DE1103 and other cheap SWs. I am interested in buying a cheap radio for
listening to the frequencies around my area. Maybe even build my
own antenna's that could reach to other parts of the world.
Does anyone have any experience in this topic? What would you suggest for a
cheap SW/MW radio?

"Its the Othello of programming languages: a minute to learn, a lifetime to
master" - mwn3d (RosettaCode irc)

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