[TriLUG] Dear lazyweb^WTriLUG, Laptop suggestions?

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Thu Jan 3 15:13:24 EST 2013

> I'll need about 6+ hours of battery life for the occasional
> cross-continental flight.

I swear, I feel like I just showed up at a Ferrari driver's club in a moped.

I hear people talking about 6+ hours of battery life.  Mac people never 
even bother to carry a power cord with them.  And yet my Dell XPS L501X 
offers a whole 19 MINUTES of battery life!  19 MINUTES! That's just long 
enough to unplug from one wall outlet and plug into another wall 
outlet... if I walk fast.

When the Dell XPS laptop was brand new in 2010, the battery lasted 65 

So when people talk about hours of battery, I go into some sort of 
perverted inverse of the Steve Jobs reality distortion field and I just 
assume they are lying, that their battery life sucks just as bad as mine 
does.  And I have always resigned myself to just carrying around a power 
cable, lugging that nuclear power plant along with me.

    Why is everything I own rubbish? - Ron Weasley

So please, someone tell me that somewhere, someone actually does run 
Linux on a laptop and that they get 6+ hours of battery life.

In the meantime, my finger is on the trigger at the Apple store.

# ????o? u?l?

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