[TriLUG] Raspberry Pi Application

Matthew Frazier leafstormrush at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 13:07:29 EDT 2013

For a quick and easy solution, I would suggest Trello [1] or Google Drive Spreadsheets [2]. You can just run them from any modern browser, and they'll automatically update in real time.

[1]: https://trello.com/
[2]: https://drive.google.com/

Matthew Frazier

On Apr 4, 2013, at 13:03 , Grawburg wrote:

> I know I could do this with LibreOffice, but I'm looking for a smaller application.
> Here's what I need:
> I have a client that wants to make a LibreOffice spreadsheet that would basically be a
> scheduling board. They want to display it on a large monitor (+40 inches). The data would be
> changed either from a device (RPi?) near the screen or remotely through another PC over their network.  
> Because the business is all Windows I must use an application that is cross-platform.
> Any thoughts out there?
> Brian Grawburg
> Wilson
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