[TriLUG] TriLUG 2013 Election Results

Jeff Schornick jeff at schornick.org
Fri May 10 02:33:41 EDT 2013

For the record and the benefit of those not in attendance at tonight's
meeting, your newly elected TriLUG Steering Committee for 2013-2014

Cristóbal Palmer
Justis Peters
Bill Farrow
Michael Hrivnak
Barry Peddycord

In addition, the membership voted in favor of the proposed
anti-harassment policy by a margin of 37-4.

Congratulations to our new Steering Committee!

And finally, I want to extend my personal thanks to Jeremy Davis and
Alan Porter for their dedication and service.  Their efforts have
helped ensure that TriLUG continues to exemplify the best aspects of
the open source community.  Bravo!

  - Jeff

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