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John Vaughters jvaughters04 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 17 08:37:02 EDT 2013

Tiger stopped checking reciepts about a 6 months ago. Maybe not that far back. It doesn't really bother me, but just seems stupid to have a cash register 6 feet away from check point and think that you need to check again. What did I grab in a 6 foot distance? ok ok maybe 8 feet. Still, I guess I am old school, I do buy plenty on the web, but I truly just like looking at the stuff before I buy it. I have found prices to be the same or even better at the store than online. The clearance boxes can be real fruitful. 
I am going to Atlanta next week, and I am going to stop at one of the FRY's to see if they still carry a decent amount of components. I'll let you know if they are still STEALING your dignity as you walk out.
John Vaughters

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On Jun 15, 2013, at 11:40 AM, Steve Litt wrote:

> Be careful what you wish for. When living in LA, I shopped at Frys a
> few times, until the the hassle of detention for theft (I had paid for
> the goods) overwhelmed the benefit of getting better prices than the
> worst of the amateur vendors in the city.

If you want that sort of shopping experience, check out TigerDirect on Capitol Blvd in Raleigh. I'd written about this here a few years back:


That was the last time TigerDirect got a penny from me.

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