[TriLUG] OT Local Electronic DIY Store

Magnus magnus at trilug.org
Tue Jun 18 23:06:01 EDT 2013

On Jun 17, 2013, at 8:37 AM, John Vaughters wrote:

> Tiger stopped checking reciepts about a 6 months ago. Maybe not that far back. It doesn't really bother me, but just seems stupid to have a cash register 6 feet away from check point and think that you need to check again. What did I grab in a 6 foot distance? ok ok maybe 8 feet. Still, I guess I am old school, I do buy plenty on the web, but I truly just like looking at the stuff before I buy it. I have found prices to be the same or even better at the store than online. The clearance boxes can be real fruitful. 

They are as paranoid about the honesty of their cashiers as they are about their customers. That's why they put a receipt check so close to the cashier.


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