[TriLUG] action on reboot

Kevin Otte nivex at nivex.net
Fri Jun 21 21:45:29 EDT 2013

For those of you who run IRC bouncers and the like on pilot but aren't 
always around to bring them back up after the maintenance reboots:

The cron in most Linux distros of the day allows you to specify 
"@reboot" in lieu of the usual 5-number time specification.

By way of example, if I want ZNC to start up when the box does:

kjotte at pilot:~$ crontab -e

You will be taken into an editor. Add this line to the file:
@reboot            /usr/bin/znc

Save the file and exit the editor. The crontab file will be verified and 
installed. Voilà!

-- Kevin

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