[TriLUG] LT: flashback

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Thu Jun 27 13:46:24 EDT 2013

> How does this compare to rsnapshot, which also uses rsync and hard links?

>From my cursory glance at rsnapshot, it looks very similar to rsback. 
They are both run via cron jobs.

Flashback runs as a daemon.

I don't want to back up my laptop at 2:00am.  I want to back it up when
the previous backup is at least 24 hours old.  If the machine is powered
off or is off the network, I want to catch it as soon as it comes back
online.  This is more like what BackupPC does.

I do this by sitting in a loop and checking the times since the last
backup.  It attempts to run rsync.  If it fails, another attempt will be
made next time through the loop.

# Alan Porter

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