[TriLUG] Best appliance for Linux firewall?

Bill Vinson bill at vinsonweb.com
Mon Aug 12 12:36:54 EDT 2013

I'm enjoying this thread quite a bit despite being a lurker up until now :)

Binary blobs mean a closed source driver has to be used. Unfortunately, it
often prevents a system from being "truly" open. This actually comes up for
quite a bit of the hardware in existence in some form or fashion, so making
a fully open system can be rather difficult especially for embeeded/SoC
type hw.

- Bill

On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 12:11 PM, Dwain Sims <dsims at bayleafnc.org> wrote:

> A comment and a question.
> 1. It sounds like 2 or 3 of you (maybe more) could put your heads together
> and come up with a great Trilug talk on homegrown firewalls.  I would
> really like to hear more about this whole topic, and it is apparent there
> is a lot of knowledge about this subject in the group.
> 2. Now the question.  What in the world is a "binary blob" and why is it a
> bad thing?  Do I have one of these in my house and not know it?
> Thanks
> Dwain
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