[TriLUG] LT: flashback

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Wed Aug 14 21:32:25 EDT 2013

Bill> I am interested in trying flashback at home.
Bill> Do you have a github repo ?

TJ> github repo would be great :D,

Sorry for the delay... this summer's been pretty crazy.

By popular demand... here it is!

I have been running this system on my SheevaPlug since the end
of March, and I really like it.  I have included two monitoring scripts.
One of them runs on the SheevaPlug, and it blinks the blue LED on
the top with different patterns based on what flashback is doing.
The other script runs as a cron job on my router, and it sends me
an email if something looks odd with the backups (can't ping the
SheevaPlug, backup timestamp looks too old, filesystem filling up,

The main flashback program (one python file) and the supporting
stuff are arranged into a Debian package (thanks to Igor for his talk
on that topic).




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