[TriLUG] Call for volunteers for TriLUG Oct Meeting

Jeremy Davis jeremyhwllc at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 23:07:34 EDT 2013

I can bring a camera to record and upload to youtube (unedited).  If it
needs editing for some reason, I have learned, I may never get around to it.
On Oct 7, 2013 10:57 PM, "Bill Farrow" <bill at arrowsreach.com> wrote:

> Hey TriLug'ers,
> I need a couple of people to help out on Thursday night at the TriLUG
> meeting.  The Steering Committee is going to be short staffed this
> week and we need to fill some gaps.
> 1. Video Record the meeting. You will need a laptop, webcam, and
> guvcview or similar software.  Either upload to your youtube account
> or to my ftp site after the meeting.
> 2. Membership cards and forms. Help people find their new membership
> cards or fill out membership forms.  Forms and pens will be provided.
> Email me if you can help. Thanks !
> Bill
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