[TriLUG] Help me decide

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Tue Mar 4 11:27:40 EST 2014

I bought a Lenovo E531 in December. The trackpad is unusable with the 
three Linux distros i've tried on it and only obnoxious to the max with 
Windows until 95% of the gesture recognition and region crud is 
disabled. If it weren't for touchpad-indicator giving me the ability to 
disable the trackpad (and use an outboard mouse) this laptop would be 
worthless to me. (Several hours spent trying to reconfigure the trackpad 
brought no joy, just an appreciation for the mind-numbing complexity of 
those Linux/X interfaces).  As it is it's a pain to have to deal with 
the mouse, but that's life. With the I5 chip, 12gb of RAM and an 840 SSD 
the performance is good, but this is my last Lenovo.


On 03/04/2014 11:07 AM, William Sutton wrote:
> For whatever it's worth... when I did my laptop research recently, I 
> found a lot of comments on the Lenovo web site about the current 
> generation of trackpads on their laptops. The complaints seemed to be 
> all over, not specific to a single model.  A lot of people wishing 
> they still had last year's model...
> William Sutton
> On Mon, 3 Mar 2014, Ken MacKenzie wrote:
>> I am thinking of getting the Acer 720P chromebook.  The one with the 
>> touch
>> screen.
>> This:
>> http://www.amazon.com/Acer-C720P-Chromebook-11-6-Inch-Touchscreen/dp/B00GSEOV7U 
>> Figure I will use Chrome a bit and use crouton to install wheezy as a
>> chroot.
>> My alternatives to that are a more expensive ultrabook or maybe an 
>> ideapad
>> s210 from lenovo or something similar.  Touch screen is not a big 
>> deal but
>> could be useful and well thin and light and good battery is a concern.
>> I guess the trade off is with the chromebook no windows (that is a plus)
>> good battery life and with linux in the chroot chromeos will handle the
>> drivers so in particular the touchscreen should work well even under 
>> linux.
>> The pro of the alternatives is of course perhaps more horsepower and 
>> local
>> storage.  The con is if there is a touch screen linux might not work 
>> with
>> it that well.
>> What would you do hotshot?
>> Ken
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