[TriLUG] March 10th Meeting: Linux HID/USB

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Tue Mar 4 18:53:38 EST 2014

The next Triangle Embedded computing interest group meeting will be this 
Monday evening at 7pm at NCSU Centennial Campus Engineering Building II 
(TWO), room 1021 at 890 Oval Drive, Raleigh. Map: 
http://goo.gl/maps/wDiyI. All parking is free during the meeting time. 
There are spaces in front of bldg II and a parking deck on Partners Way 
a bit uphill and north of Varsity drive.

The first half of this meeting will be a presentation:

Title: Linux HID/USB or How I got the !@#%! LED to Blink
The talk will describe how USB is put together and how to talk to USB 
data acquisition boards. There will be a demo of how to generate a 
0-1000 Hz sine wave  as well as a PWM motor contoller using the 
Measurement Computing USB-1608G and Raspberry Pi .  All example code can 
be found at ftp://lx10.tx.ncsu.edu/pub/Linux/drivers.
The speaker is Dr. Warren Jasper, professor of Textile Engineering at 
North Carolina State University and Linux device driver writer with 
interests in Six Sigma, color engineering, and nanoparticle filtration.

The second half of the meeting will be the usual mix of how-tos, show 
and tells and discussion. Bring your gadgets, questions, and topics to 

Meeting details also at http://triembed.org/#NCSUMeeting

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