[TriLUG] Looking to buy a used laptop

Roy Vestal rvestal at trilug.org
Thu Mar 6 07:47:25 EST 2014

As a side note, I just checked Kramden's sales. They have 10x T61's 
available to purchase.

     Model:                  Lenovo T61 Laptop
     CPU:                      Core2Duo T7500 2.2ghz
     Screen:               15.4" Widescreen
     RAM:                      2GB DDR2
     Hard Drive:           60GB SATA
     OS:                       Windows XP Professional
     Battery:              Good Charge
     Optical Drive:       DVD-CDRW
     Networking:          802.11g WiFi, Gigabit
     Extras :              Card Reader, Fingerprint
     Condition:          A

When I was running thinkpads, I wrote a couple of articles for 
thinkwiki.org. You can check there for anything linux and Thinkpad.



Installs on T61:


On 3/6/14 7:41 AM, Roy Vestal wrote:
> Check with kramden.org and see what they have. Look under "Take 
> Action" -> "Surplus Sales". You'd be helping the community and getting 
> a decent system.
> Quick blurb from their site:
> "Kramden Institute Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to 
> empowering hardworking, yet economically disadvantaged, students to 
> cross the digital divide. This is done by awarding thousands of PCs to 
> students to be used to advance their academic and personal 
> achievements. Kramden collects donated PCs, laptops, and peripherals; 
> refurbishes the equipment; and awards the computers, thereby extending 
> the useful life of electronics and reducing e-waste."
> ( not affiliated with kramden.org in any way. Don't hold my opinions 
> against them! ;)  )
> -Roy
> On 3/5/14 10:33 PM, Matthew Frazier wrote:
>> Hello, TriLUGgers,
>> I am currently on the market for an auxiliary laptop, for travel 
>> and/or experimentation. I would like a laptop that is/has:
>> - Enterprise-class (a Latitude or a ThinkPad or something)
>> - Everything works w/o needing repairs or buying parts separately
>> - Runs Linux well
>> - At least 2 hours of battery life
>> - 64-bit x86 processor
>> - 2 GB RAM (or more)
>> - 80 GB hard disk (or more)
>> - Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet (that work under Linux)
>> - DVD reader
>> If you have a laptop meeting these specs that you would like to sell 
>> me, please contact me off list.
>> Thanks,
>> Matthew Frazier
>> http://leafstorm.us

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