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Z-man czdrummer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 13:58:23 EST 2014


We use a version control software package named Subversion on Ubuntu.  The
windows clients connect to the product with a client software piece named
Tortoise_SVN.  We had always allowed the programmers to have read access to
the entire Subverion library thereby allowing knowledge sharing by studying
but not affecting the code of others.  This has to change according to
management.  We removed the *=r so that everyone can no longer read all
directories and their group rights provide them with the application
libraries they need.

The problem is, in the client URL you now have to show in the application
path https://.....com/svn/application

How this becomes a problem is programmers work on multiple applications.  They
now need to logout, put the new application name in the path and log back
in to work on the other application.

Here's the question for those using these products.  Since we have turned
off the read right to all except those folders to which you have access, is
there something we can do either in the system or client config files to
have the equivalent of /svn/* so the client software logs in and a
programmer will see from the root level all of their applications?

Craig Zimmer
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