[TriLUG] ConleyCon 2014: Gotta Free 'Em All

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Sat Apr 19 15:09:19 EDT 2014

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The annual gathering of friends of freedom known as Conleycon will take 
place in 2014 on May 24th and 25th (perhaps with bonus events on 
Memorial Day) in Durham, North Carolina. You are cordially invited to 
come and join in the fun, fellowship and inspiration. To aid in our 
organizing of the event, I'm asking the following questions. Anyone will 
be welcome to show up unannounced, but please respond soon if you'd like 
to reserve swag and a place to stay.

The website is again http://conleycon.wordpress.com. We haven't quite 
figured out all we're going to do, but it may include an OpenStreetMap 
based contest, showing up to the SplatSpace digital fabrication meetup, 
buying biscuits and donuts with Bitcoin, and of course the traditional 
lightning talks. If you'd like to help plan events, please be in touch.


* What is your name?
* What is your email address?
* What is your phone number?
* Where will you be traveling from? How will you be traveling?
* What size shirt do you wear?
* Do you have any dietary restrictions?
* If coming from out of town, would you like to crash at someone's place 
or stay at a hotel? If you're a local, do you have a spare bed or couch 
where someone could crash?

Please feel free to forward this invitation. I hope to see you there.


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