[TriLUG] Consultant Solicitation From RARSFest

Kevin Morris pircs at trilug.org
Sun Apr 20 16:22:23 EDT 2014


While volunteering this weekend for the TriLUG table at the RARSFest I was 
approached by a gentlemen who was interested in a Linux consultant.  As 
I do not normally consult independently I wanted to open the 
solicitation up to the group. Please reply if you are interested and I 
will pass his contact information to you off the board so the details of 
consultation can be established. He briefly described his problem:

He has a PC that drives a CNC. It is currently operating on an OS with a 
KDE desktop. He has an updated OS he needs to have on this PC but is 
having problems installing. The PC was originally equipped with a CD-ROM 
optical drive. He purchased a DVD-ROM drive to support the installation 
from the DVD based installation media. He cannot boot the installation 
media to install.


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