Well, contest is kind of a misnomer. No prizes, just amusement.

Anyway, the challenge: port l0pht's hp.c (don't worry, it's a harmless prank) to as many different programming/scripting languages as possible. Functionality must be the same. Implement as much as possible in the chosen language (eg: no shelling out to other languages to do bits). Bonus points for code elegance (now mind you, those are "Whose Line is it Anyway?" type points :).

UPDATE: If you don't have an HP printer to test on, at least check your code by firing up netcat thusly:
$ nc -l -p 9100 | hexdump -C
and then firing off your test program at localhost. This will determine whether your program is producing the proper data stream.

Here is a sample output from the real hp.c:

kjotte@reliant:~$ nc -l -p 9100 | hexdump -C & ./hp localhost "test message"
[1] 27782
HP Display hack -- sili@l0pht.com
Hostname:   localhost
Message: test message
Sent 58 bytes

00000000  1b 25 2d 31 32 33 34 35  58 40 50 4a 4c 20 52 44  |.%-12345X@PJL RD|
00000010  59 4d 53 47 20 44 49 53  50 4c 41 59 20 3d 20 22  |YMSG DISPLAY = "|
00000020  74 65 73 74 20 6d 65 73  73 61 67 65 22 0d 0a 1b  |test message"...|
00000030  25 2d 31 32 33 34 35 58  0d 0a                    |%-12345X..|

[1]+  Done                    nc -l -p 9100 | hexdump -C

Python Kevin Otte hp.py
Perl Tanner Lovelace hp.pl
Java Owen Berry HP.java
Ada William Sutton hp.adb Requires Ada sockets library
PHP Noel Forbes hp.php requires PHP >4.2.0 and that PHP is compiled with sockets
Ruby Stephen Ball hp.rb

At some point my little contest made it outside the confines of the LUG. I think I posted it in response to a blog or something. They say the mind is the last thing to go ... :)

Here are the continuing submissions:

Lisp Bob Krzaczek hp.lisp Requires CLISP
(g)awk Costin Stroie hp.awk
C# Kent Bolton hp.cs

Contact Nivex on freenode or nivex at nivex dot net to submit.