Linux is a very popular choice for server applications, but many businesses require extremely high availability. For example, phone companies require "five nines" of availability. That's 99.999% uptime.

Sure, my desktop PC might go a month or two between reboots. But how do you ensure that your Linux-based application is available ALL the time?

"Linux HA" is a set of tools that allows you to cluster several Linux systems together to provide a very high level of availability. When one system is not responding, the next one takes over.

SImon Karpen and Eric Blau will show us how all of this Linux HA magic works. Eric develops databases that are used by cellular telephone companies to route telephone calls, so he knows first-hand that Linux HA works well.

We would also like to thank Tekelec for sponsoring this month's meeting.

The wiki contains the pertinent details (directions, time, agenda): Linux HA