Location: Red Hat HQ, NCSU Centennial Campus Speaker: Brian Phelps Time: Thursday December 10, 7pm Food: NO PIZZA THIS TIME - bring a dish to share


For the last few years in December, TriLUG has hosted a "social", a time to gather and eat and chat and play games, without the distractions of a planned presentation.

We're going to try something new this year, the hybrid talk / social meeting.

Brian Phelps has been working with a pretty neat ARM-based embedded board called the "Beagle Board". It's a very capable little machine, with very modest needs. It has some smokin' hot graphics and lots of pins for hooking stuff up to it. And it can be powered by a USB plug.

Before, during, and after Brian's presentation/demo, we will be sharing food with our peers. Bring a dish, either something home-made or something store-bought, and share it with the group.

Food sign-up/ideas sheet on the wiki: http://trilug.org/wiki/Meeting:2009_Dec_10