High Altitude Balloon Flights to Near Space Presented by Jonathan R. Trappe & Tanner Lovelace

Recently, several LUG members competed in a challenge to gather pictures of the curved horizon of the Earth from near-space... not with rockets and elaborate gear, but on the cheap, using a balloon and consumer-grade equipment.

Jonathan Trappe and long-time LUG member Tanner Lovelace will talk about the challenge rules, and how the team assembled and weighed ideas quickly, launching their balloon after just three weeks of planning. Then we'll hear how things did not quite go as planned, but how these quick-thinking geeks recovered to achieve their goal.

After the launch and recovery of their high-altitude balloon, this team was featured on WRAL, NPR news, and on the front page of the News & Observer! But NOW, they're hitting the big time -- speaking at a TriLUG meeting!