Topic: Pulp Presenter: Michael Hrivnak When: Thursday, March 14, 7pm Where: Red Hat HQ, NCSU Centennial Campus, 1801 Varsity Dr, Raleigh, NC Map: Google Maps Video: YouTube

Pulp creates and manages repositories of content, such as software packages, and can push that content out to large numbers of machines. Today Pulp manages RPM content (including srpm, drpm, etc.) and Puppet modules, and many other types are on the road map. There is a community project well under-way to implement Debian support.

If you want to locally mirror all or part of a repository, host your own content in a new repository, manage content from multiple sources in one place, and push content you choose out to large numbers of clients, Pulp is for you!

Michael Hrivnak works for Red Hat on the Pulp Project. With strong experience in both software and systems engineering, he is excited to be writing software for systems engineers. Michael is passionate about open source software, live music, and reducing energy consumption.