The Steering Committee Elections will be held at the TriLUG May meeting.

Nominations are now open, please help your local Linux community by nominating yourself or some unsuspecting TriLUG member. There are five hotly contested positions on the Steering Committee, and you could be one of them. Contenders will be able to give a brief stump speech at the May meeting to drum up support, and then we vote.

To vote or serve on the committee, you will need to be a TriLUG "member". If you filled out a membership form at the April meeting or before, your covered. If you have lost your card, don't worry, we have a mysql database to look you up. Voting will be performed by paper ballot during the May meeting, and you must be present to vote.

The Steering Committee is responsible for planning meetings, finding speakers, ordering pizza, paying bills. This year they will need to secure a new meeting location, file the 501(c)3 paperwork, and Get Stuff Doneā„¢.

This post from a couple of years ago has a nice list of things to do: