Topic: Lightning Talks Presenter: TriLUG Community When: Thursday, 11th July 2013, 7pm Where: NEW LOCATION! Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NC State Engineering Building II Room 1021, Centennial Campus (just across the street from Red Hat) Parking: The parking decks are free after 5pm, and street parking on Oval Drive. Map: Google Maps Video: YouTube RSVP: EventBrite (You don't actually need to bring a ticket to attend. Getting one just helps us prepare for refreshments so nobody goes without pizza!)

We'll be putting the July meeting in the hands of the TriLUG community by holding a series of Lightning Talks. Lightning talks are short talks of about 5-15 minutes long that give the audience a taste of a topic rather than going into the great detail associated with formal presentations. If you've been working on a cool project lately or learned something cool about technology, you are qualified to present something!

If you have an idea for a talk, please pitch it on the TriLUG mailing list and the community will help you cultivate it into a presentation you can be proud of. Prepend your subject line with "LT:" to make it easy to find (ie subject = "LT: Using Inkscape"). The Steering Committee will then collate a list of the topics and speakers from the mailing list posts. There isn't a set theme yet, but we expect a theme will emerge from the discussions in the next couple of weeks.

  • Cracking Password Hashes (Slides) - Scott Miller
  • Booting Linux on EFI using rEFInd - Matthew Frazier
  • Electric Cars and Open Source Cars (Slides) - Jeremy Davis
  • Network testing with iperf (Slides) - Bill Farrow
  • Networking Tools (Slides) - William Chandler
  • Flashback - a better way to backup -Alan Porter
  • Open Source Ecological Solutions - Moustapha Barry
  • Ceph storage platform (Slides) - Jack Hill