Topic: Un-Meeting Presenter: You! When: Thursday, 12th February 2015, 6.45pm (pizza at 7pm) Where: NC State Engineering Building 3 Room 2201, Centennial Campus Parking: The parking decks and Oval Drive street parking are free after 5pm Map: Google Maps Video: YouTube

Overview: In the fine tradition of the BarCamp Un-Conferences, we're having an Un-Meeting!

BarCamps ... are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants. - Wikipedia

We are looking to have a handful of topics (suggestion form below), each of which should be well suited for a 10-15 minute mini-panel. On the night of the meeting, there will be print outs of each suggestion, with space to place a mark for whether you have something to say about it, or want to learn about it - or both. You can also sign up to be the "driver" for the topic. We will then pick the most popular topics to go through in sequence, doing a group demo/panel on each.

The driver for each topic will be the "hands on the keyboard" and kick things off by showcasing some tip, trick, best practice, etc on that topic. Each of the other panel members can then share their own favorite points, and we'll end each topic with some brief Q&A from the audience.

Topic Suggestions: Propose a topic you're interested in. Pick something that will lend itself well to discussion, and is narrow enough to be one of a handful for the evening. Submit your idea via the Suggestion Form.

Bio: Our speaker this month is you! This is meant to be a highly participatory event. Vote for topics you find interesting enough that you want to actively contribute to the dialog about them. Ask questions, give us your favorite tips and tricks, etc.

Proposed Topics

  1. Useful Vim Plugins and How To Manage Them There are a few really good Vim plugins that make some common tasks a lot easier, if not downright enjoyable. I'll demonstrate a couple of them, and show one that makes managing vim plugins dead simple. Then share your favorites! Demo github link: Aaron's github link:
  2. MythTV "Linux in your living room": Do you run MythTV ? Tell us what frontend hardware you have ? Want to share a cool add-on or remote control ?
  3. Github Flow Using pull requests, web hooks, and code review to avoid breaking the build
  4. Linux File/Directory Permissions and Filesystem Concepts Per newcomer request, let's go through all the permission settings on files and directories, and what they all mean. If we have time in the slot, we can also explore some fundamental filesystem concepts (inodes, superblocks, etc). Demo github link:

Source for the original version of the "Learn All The Things!" image: Hyperbole and a Half