Synopsis Freedom and convenience are often at odds, especially in the modern world of cloud computing and mobile devices. This talk will present the speaker's journey from using a largely closed source, closed protocol mobile platform to a much more free and open mobile operating system. Due to the relationship between mobile and cloud computing, a significant portion of the journey involved choosing free software for the server side as well. Many challenges were faced along the way! This talk will discuss the various free client and server software components that were necessary to protect the speaker's privacy and freedom, while maintaining a comparable level of service to that which was enjoyed before. A few alternatives to these choices will also be discussed, and during the Q+A session suggestions for competing software will be welcomed.

Bio Randy Barlow is a software engineer at Red Hat, Inc. He currently works on the Pulp Project, a component of Red Hat Satellite 6 that performs software repository management. He has been working with Python since 2006 and has also worked with C++, Java, and PHP prior to that. His experience includes scientific computing, natural language processing, systems management, and web development. He is a Linux geek and loves free software.

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