We all know the TriLUG community is an infinite pool of enabling wisdom. Now it is time to tap into the intellectual resources of the group. Our next meeting will be all about sharing your ideas via Lightning Talks. The ultimate goal is knowledge transfer and maximum participation is required to make it awesome.

You will have approximately 10 minutes to engage the audience on a topic of your choice. You can prep slides for presentation or you can lead a group discussion.

Respond to the mailing list with your topic and we will reserve your time, first come first serve.

Topic 1: A lightning tour of Haskell, a lazy, functional programming language with a rich type Presenter: Jack Hill

Topic 2: Sound Reinforcement 101, For Software People Presenter: Matthew Frazier

Linux is excellent for audio work, but this won't cover too much of the software side. This talk is more for those who are coming at sound reinforcement from the software side, and getting tripped up when audio signals behave differently than software people tend to expect. (Like me, when I first started getting involved with the production crew at church.)

Depending on how much I can pack into 10 minutes, we'll cover the nature of sound, how it gets carried in both analog and digital forms, what all the weird equipment you see sound engineers carrying around does, and how to finagle sound into the format you want when you're hooking cables together.

Topic 3: Demo a Minecraft Server running on a Raspberry Pi 2 Presenter: Emmett Miller (age 6) and Scott Miller

Here is a teaser slide: http://i.imgur.com/tgfi5Sd.png

Topic 4: Migrating WordPress snapshots within OpenShift Presenter: Donald Frustaglio

Topic 5: Advanced use of LibreOffice Presenter: Jeremy Davis

For two years I have used LibreOffice to publish the Triangle Career Development Newsletter. The relational database known as LibreOffice Base is the primary workhorse of the operation, which I use to gather information from over 100 websites. Once I capture all the data for upcoming events, a set of queries sorts and organizes the data then concatenates the results with HTML to create a nicely formatted newsletter ready to publish. One step of the process also involves LibreOffice Calc with a few hefty formulas to zip everything together. I will walk you through the process. The goal of this talk is to demonstrate the integrity and advanced capabilities of LibreOffice.