Clayton Coleman is architect and engineer on cloud orchestration and containers at Red Hat, in charge of both technical direction for Kubernetes and OpenShift (Red Hat's platform as a service built on top of Kubernetes) as well as the broader container and container content efforts at Red Hat. Clayton is one of the top contributors to both Kubernetes and OpenShift and has been involved in many projects in the container, platform-as-a-service, and ci/cd ecosystem over the last four years. He enjoys sleeping, but rarely has time to do it anymore.


Containers, Microservices, Continuous Integration and Deployment, and DevOps are the buzzwords of the day. But how do they actually help make it easier to build and run software? How do container-as-a-service systems like Kubernetes, Mesos, or Docker Swarm change how software is deployed?

In this talk I'll cover how all of these topics come together, how they can benefit developers and operators, and how we've built a platform (OpenShift) that supports, exposes, and safeguards that flexibility and power for devs AND ops. I'll do an overview of the features and patterns in OpenShift that make it easy to build and deploy applications, with a quick demo of how it puts Docker containers to work in a cluster for local and remote development.

Since OpenShift is built on top of Kubernetes, I'll also describe how Kubernetes was built to solve Google-scale problems and how even the humblest local web application can benefit from those patterns.