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Developing, testing, staging, and deploying python server applications is simplified when the same tool manages all of your various operating environments. Learn how to use Ansible to manage all of these environments from a single set of inventories and playbooks.

Joseph will talk in depth about how to use inventories and playbooks intelligently to deploy your application stack to developer workstations (e.g., Vagrant), test systems (e.g., Jenkins), full test environments (permanent or ephemeral), and even to production servers without repeating yourself, or building a bunch of if/else/fi or switch statements in bash.


Joseph began programming in 1994 in TurboPascal after dabbling a bit in basic on Apple II, Commodore VIC-20, and DOS, cut his first open source teeth on PHP earning commit access to a couple of modules in 2001, and since has contributed to many other projects. He saw the light in 2005 when he began developing web based applications in Python (TurboGears pre-1.0) He now contributes most regularly to CherryPy and a couple of pet projects. A long time RPM slinger, he worked for the now defunct rPath from 2005-2009 building system configuration and distro building software. Now he runs the completely virtual infrastructure and continuous testing and build system for a small SaaS startup in California from his evil lairWWbasement. Joseph holds a BSE in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University, contributes regularly to his local Linux and Python User Groups, and has reluctantly been awarded five software patents. He thinks VIM is the best editor. Joseph lives in Durham, NC.