TriLUG's July meeting is a series of short talks about Raspberry Pi (also referred to as RPi).

In the past, the RPi topic has attracted perhaps the largest attendance in the history of TriLUG. We are revisiting this topic due to popular demand. We will begin our talks at the level of an advanced 2nd grader Hacking Minecraft Pi. Midway we will learn at the level of a Red Hat Principal Software Engineer on the topic of RPi in the aviation community. Then we shall culminate at the highest levels of academia with a Professor and Textile Engineering Program Director at North Carolina State University on the topic of Real-Time Data Acquisition with the Raspberry Pi.

1st RPi Topic: Minecraft hacking with python on the Raspberry Pi Presenter: Emmett Miller Abstract: Hacking Minecraft Pi Edition in real time with python on the Raspberry Pi is a great introduction to programming and python. This presentation will show how to get started with Minecraft Pi Edition as well as provide a brief demonstration. Bio: A rising 2nd grader at Brooks Elementary, Emmett Miller is a seasoned gamer and Linux user. In the future he wants to work as a software engineer for Mojang to work on Minecraft.

2nd RPi Topic: Aircraft Navigation with Stratux Presenter: Michael Hrivnak Abstract: The general aviation community is using RPis with software defined radios and a USB GPS, combined with an OSS project called "stratux", to make a device that's useful in the cockpit for navigation. Bio: Michael Hrivnak is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and Team Lead for the Pulp Project. With strong experience in both software and systems engineering, he is excited to be writing software for systems engineers. Michael is passionate about open source software, live music, general aviation, and reducing energy consumption.

3rd RPi Topic: Real-Time Data Acquisition with the Raspberry Pi Presenter: Warren Jasper, PhD, PE Abstract: The Raspberry Pi is an extremely versatile and inexpensive SBC capable of many of the functions found in laptops and desktops. However, it lacks the hardware (other than GPIO) to perform basic real-time data acquisition such as A/D, D/A, temperature measurement, counters and timers. This talk will demonstrate how to interface data acquisition devices to the Raspberry Pi using open-source tools via USB, Bluetooth, & Ethernet. Bio: Warren Jasper is Professor and Textile Engineering Program Director at North Carolina State University.

Our previous RPi talk was a huge success. Details about that event and video can be found here

Huge thanks to Robert Sherwood for reserving the RTP Frontier meeting space! In return for his good deed, let's be sure to highly recommend Oak City Technology to anyone interested in web design!