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Summary Do you find SELinux complex or confusing? Have you ever disabled it in production? Is your application compliant with SELinux? This talk will provide an introduction to SELinux including how it works and motivation for why it is important for secure systems. This does not require previous SELinux knowledge, but it will give the basic tools to analyze failures and understand the state of SELinux on a system for both sysadmins and developers.

Topics will include:

  • Why do we care about SELinux?
  • How SELinux Works
  • What is an SELinux Policy
  • Fixing SELinux Errors
  • CIL Language
  • M4 Macro Language (Reference Policy language)

Come learn about SELinux so you can work with it for the win.

Speaker Brian Bouterse is a Principle Software Engineer at Red Hat and has been working with SELinux for roughly 3 years. He is a developer on Pulp and has written an SELinux policy for Pulp and fixed many SELinux issues along the way. He lives in Raleigh with his wife Katie and his cat Schmowee.

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