NOTE the venue change! We're at the Red Hat Annex, where we have held our last couple of Holiday Parties, in downtown Raleigh.

Summary Conflation between open source, open data and open government has been problematic in fitting open data related open source projects to meaningful outcomes. Jason Hare will discuss data management and the link between open data and performance management and measurement. To do this Jason will run through a survey of some of the open source technologies used to manage data and create visualizations. Jason will also discuss issues around open data and its adoption by public sector agencies in the Triangle and how civic tech groups are adding value to open data programs through open source efforts.

Bio Named one of the top 100 global influencers in Government Technology by Onalytica in 2017, Jason Hare is the Open Data Evangelist for OpenDataSoft. He has worked in the public sector and in data dissemination for most of his 25 year career. He serves in several organizations on the topic of data governance and open data: In the previous Presidential Administration, he was a frequent participant at the White House OSTP on the subjects of data quality and open data; he was a member of the White House OSTP Open Data Advisory Group; he is listed as an Open Data Expert on the World Bank's Open Data Tool Kit; he is an advisor on data governance to the Chemical Genome Project.

In 2013 he became a charter founder of the Open Data Institute Node for North Carolina. In the same year he became an Open Government Partnership (OGP) Delegate. He guest-blogs on the Open Government Partnership (OGP) website and is an Open Data Moderator for OpenSourceWay, the Red Hat Open Source Blog. He previously served as an advisor for the Open Data Working Group on behalf of the US OGP Civil Society Delegation. In the past he has also consulted with the Open Knowledge Foundation to help craft Ireland’s OGP submission and spent several years working on the ground with Irish Civil Society.

His Open Data projects include: The North Carolina Department of Commerce; Town of Chapel Hill; Durham City and County; Durham Public Schools; City of Raleigh; The City of Newark; The City of Cambridge; The City of Chelsea; Ireland’s Ministry of Reform; Colombia’s Ministry of Information and Communications; The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.

You can find him on twitter @opendatasoft and @jasonmhare.