We have a lot of really talented members, who do a lot of really interesting things. Come on down and share some of those things with your fellow members! Let us see your hobby hacks, your nifty shell incantations, or the latest tricks you've managed to make your Raspberry Pi or Arduino do. This doesn't have to be long - a few minutes is more than sufficient.

Note that this could also be a nice way to introduce whatever demo you plan to bring to the December Holiday Social - whet the appetite for more, as it were.

The Sign-Up Form is up and ready for entries!


  • Presenter: Brian Gerard Topic: Creating a Self-Installing Package Summary:I'll show a method for creating a self-installing package out of a git repo using gmake and a little scripting glue. While it's more a neat trick than a best practice, it has come in handy at work as a stopgap while we get more battle-hardened solutions in place.
  • Presenter: Michael Hrivnak Topic: The Lounge IRC client Summary:The Lounge is a web-based IRC client, and I love using it.
  • Presenter: Bill Farrow Topic: Building Debian packages for ARM with Docker and QEMU Summary: Building Debian packages is fun, but building them on a slow embedded system is not fun. Cross compiling is messy and complicated. Using the superpowers of Docker and QEMU you can build those packages on your screaming 16 core x86_64 desktop in no time at all.
  • Presenter: Barry Peddycord III Topic: Mastodon: The OSS Alternative to Twitter Summary: Learn about Mastodon: A modern, open source implementation of the GNU Social protocol for microblogging.
  • Presenter: Dwain Sims Topic: Rapidly Changing Storage Formats Summary: I will take a really quick walk through the rapidly changing world of storage form factors, and make some predictions!