Some of you might have noticed that was down last week.

Moya, the computer the trilug website, wiki, and mailing list live in, has been hosted at Dash Systems for many years. Unfortunately they closed their Raleigh datacenter as they have switched to the cloud, and we were in a bit of a mad scramble to find a new home for Trilug.

In those dark hours, NetActuate came in and offered to host Moya in their Durham datacenter. So on Nov 2 we grabbed our 2U server from Craig at DASH Systems, took it to the new datacenter, slap and powered it up, reconfigured DNS, and got it running. There are some small issues that need to be addressed still, like possible mailing list issues, but we ar eback in business!

I would like to thank

  • Mark Price and all the crew at NetActuate for helping us out in this time of need.
  • Craig at DASH Systems for not only all the years of Moya hosting at their data center but also for putting Moya in his truck and meeting with us.
  • To our past and present officers -- Brian Gerard, Brian McCullough, Alan Porter, and Aaron Schrab -- for doing the Moya musical chair and getting us back in business.