Topic: Systemd and Homedir: an Open Debate using (hopefully) Jitsi
Presenter: Brave & Opinionated TriLUG Members
When: Thursday, 14 May 2020 - 6:45pm to 9:00pm
Where: Online
Parking: Wherever you go, there you are
Map: Video: Will Not be Recorded
Speaker notes N/A


It seems people have lots of opinions about the proposed home directory management that is being pushed by the systemd crowd.

And I want to try jitsi out.

So how about we put them together and make that this month's meeting? Bring your opinions, and maybe even a quick demo or websites or slides to support your claim.

I expect this discussion to be heated with a possible side of disconnection. I would like to see what it takes for it to go boink. So I can see if we can avoid using zoom (I can make it happen through my work but I do want solutions that are tied down to trilug not to a trilug officer).

Who is interested? Expect people who are not aware of those differences to be in the call, so you better do a good job arguing your point in a way others will understand. If you want an opportunity to drag more people to your camp, this is the day.

You have a week to prepare your notes, wash your battle shorts, and clean your microphone. If your cat decides to walk over your keyboard while you try to run your demo, so much the better.

Oh, we will also be on irc and monitoring meetup in case jitsi crashes horribly; I will have zoom on standby.


dd Here are links to some presentations and websites referred to during the talk:

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