Topic: Learning Lenovo Linux Life
Presenter: Mark Pearson
When: Thursday, 08 April 2021 - 6:45pm to 9:00pm
Where: Online, Jitsi
Parking: Virtual
Map: Video: Might be Recorded
Speaker notes: PDF


A while ago Lenovo announced they would be selling laptops with Linux from factory instead of Windows. Having a large computer vendor offering that is a nice boost for Linux as a valid desktop/home OS. But, what does that mean to us? How supported is it? What is the long term plan? How much of the shenanigans required to make it work are placed in open source?

How about if we get some info from the horse's mouth? This thursday our speaker is Mark Pearson from Lenovo, who promised he'll give an overview of what Lenovo is doing with Linux, how they work with the open source community, what is involved with getting Linux supported from their side of the fence, and what is to be expected from a Lenovo Linux platform.

He has been warned to expect stutter-inducing questions, so I am counting on you to write down all your issues anf concerns. Don't disappoint me!

Meeting Link and the password is TriLUG. See you there!


Mark Pearson is the technical lead for the Lenovo Linux PC team. He has been working with Linux for almost 20 years, mostly on network switches until 18 months ago when he joined the PC team and found out that PCs are significantly more complicated than network switches - he got introduced to a whole new wonderful world of graphics, audio, touchscreen, fingerprint, power management and a myriad other complexities all crammed into an amazingly small space.

His team is responsible for delivering Linux on over 50 platforms - ranging from the tiny m90n, through almost 30 different laptops and up to their desktop and workstation models. They work with multiple distros with a focus on making sure support for their platforms is upstream so any distribution can work.

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