Topic: Linux Turns 30th! And Elections Reminder
Presenter: You!
When: Thursday, 13 May 2021 - 6:45pm to 9:00pm
Where: Online, Jitsi
Parking: Virtual
Map: Video: Will not be Recorded
Speaker notes:


This is another discussion event to hide that we do not have a speaker lined up. So, we might as well make it interesting. Chaos is welcome.

Linux turns 30 this year! Some of you were not even alive when Tux started waddling about; others can remember where they were working when Linus Tovards got kiked off minix and said "I will create my own 'nix. With hookers... and blackjack!" And 30 years later of shenanigans and kernels, here we are.

There has been a lot of change in the main Linux distro world, with the big three Cannonical, Red Hat, and Suse.... how has it effected you, how are you adapting, what do you see going forward?


Elections are supposed to take place this month but nobody seems excited. So we will postpone it to next month. We do need candidates! Only you can prevent forest fires.

It is about that time of the year when you get to vote to who will lead trilug next! All positions are up to grab and we do need to fill them up! Any current officer who wants to stay for another year needs to be on the ?ballot.?

Because of the COVID-19 thing we will need to look carefully at our bylaws and ignore them: voting will be virtual. Probably something like create a google questionnaire thingie and then put the people there. And then you select all the people you want (maybe an AYE/NAY checkbox?).


Candidates! There are 5 positions (

Chair - Vice Chair - Treasurer - PR Officer - SysAdmin -

and we need at least 5 bodies (this is not federal, state, or local elections, so they all have to be alive). Want to be an officer? Nominate yourself. Or nominate someone you like... or not. If you have served and want a change in your position, again, put your name in the hat.

If you want to be a candidate, make sure you can commit the time and effort. Also, it takes a team to make this work.

No Experience Necessary besides a desire to help the trilug community and learn something (something; don't ask me complicate questions). It is actually a great experience; we will help you out.

What does the steering committee do?

  • Plan meeting topics and meeting logistics
  • Keep our server-farm-of-one up-to-date and running
  • Solicit donations from sponsors, offer some value in return the drudgery of paperwork (bank, 501(3)c, etc).

Bottom line is it takes a team to make trilug to work. Without it there is no trilug.

Speech or something. I know things are interesting but it would be nice if people knew you existed if you are a candidate. So, how about an announcement and a bit of a bio? Remember: when you don't you end up with someone like me.

Dates. Since we are still in online mode, this may still be an interesting topic. Officially the elections are on May but we can push it down to June. Also, We can use our meetup page and/or website to post about the candidates.

We do need some way to do the voting. I am open for discussion. I would like to limit the number of dead people voting to a minimum; this is not normal elections but just electing the trilug steering committee.

Every single position is fair game.


Floor's open after we do voting.

Meeting Link and the password is TriLUG. See you there!


You can put your bio here!

TriLUG Members Like YOU! Thank you!