Topic: TriLUG Website Upgrades Pt. 2 and Elections
Presenter: Jeff Moore, Chair, TriLUG
When: Thursday, 9 June 2022 - 7:00 to 9:00pm
Where: Online, Jitsi
Parking: Virtual
Video: Will not be Recorded
Speaker notes:


This month will be a continuation on last month's website migration talk. This time around, Jeff Moore will address of the issues ran into last time like handling references to the Pilot hosted wiki portion of TriLUG.

The talk will be guided by the problem statement:

The website for needs to be maintainable by individuals with varying levels of technical skills

Additionally, elections will be held. If you are interested, please either leave a comment on our Meetup page or email our mailing list at after reading prior to the meeting

The roles and their functional summaries can be found below:

  • Chair: Responsible for meeting agenda and running meetings
  • Vice Chair: Responsible for responsibilities of the Chair when the Chair is not available
  • Treasurer: Responsible for handling money donated to TriLUG to pay for TriLUG's expenses
  • PR Officer: Responsible for marketing and promoting TriLUG to external parties and for public relations
  • SysAdmin: Responsible for TriLUG infrastructure including services thereon

Here are some current projects the current Steering Committee are either working on or thinking of working on during the 2022 - 2023 term:

  • Migrating to a free, hosted solution
  • Updating mail server
  • Securing speakers for the year
  • Re-instating TriChug independent of the current meeting format
  • Finding more sponsors
  • Website overhaul (Jekyll)
  • Wiki cleanup
  • Membership automation improvements
  • Something with Github Actions
  • Making TriLUG more accessible to future Steering Committees
  • Re-introducing meeting note automation on our channel #trilug-business
  • Adding analytics to see page view metrics

If any of those sound like fun projects, feel free to either run for the committee or volunteer to help with one of the projects!

At the end of the day, every role is responsible for helping maintain the health of TriLUG and helping grow it.

Give it a shot!

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