Topic: State of the LUG
Presenter: Jeff Moore, Chair, TriLUG
When: Thursday, 13 June 2024 - 7:00 to 9:00pm
Where: Online, Jitsi
Parking: Virtual
Video: Will not be Recorded
Speaker notes:
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Greetings and it's been a while!

TriLUG tries to offer a lot to its members - including shell access, membership portal, IRC, mail server, wikis, DNS, and more! With the technological landscape changing over the years and the churn of members of TriLUG's governing body - the Steering Committee, it may not feasible to support all of those services in addition to doing talks/topics/other events. With that in mind, part of this meeting is intended to solicit the parts of TriLUG its members deem the most valuable. A discussion around that will likely influence the direction of TriLUG over the next few years.

Additionally, there have been various questions across IRC/email about the infrastructure surrounding TriLUG. The Steering Committee is making space to answer and and all questions surrounding TriLUG infrastructure including current plans.

Finally, TriLUG elections are overdue. The current plan for the next two months is to answer any TriLUG/Steering Committee/State Of questions this month and having Steering Committee elections in July. That election will be a shorter term from July - May to avoid changing the overall election cycle.

For those interested in volunteering for the Steering Committee, fill out the form at after reviewing the descriptions of Steering Committee roles at Article IV.

As always, if you are interested in presenting at TriLUG or have concerns for the Steering Committee, reach out to with your topic and the Steering Committee will reach out for scheduling.

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