Monthly Meeting Schedule

We meet on the second Thursday of every month at

NCSU College of Textiles 1020 Main Campus Dr., Room 2207

This room can be a bit difficult to locate. The star on the below map shows the location of the door to use.

Pizza and refreshments are served at 6:45p.m. With the presentation starting at 7p.m.

Exact meeting locations are posted to the mailing list, usually with at least three week's advance notice. Our meetings currently average around 75 people in attendance.

Quick Directions

  1. If you use GPS, it will want to make you park on the street (Main Campus Drive). If you do so, you will want to use the green route as the GPS will drop you right where the tail of the green route it; that is just one of the buildings that make the College of Textiles. So, follow the green route until reaching the last building
  2. The next option is to park in the underground garage. If you are coming from I40, you will follow the red arrow to the garage (left at campus shore drive and then take the first right); if you come from the other side, you would make a right at campus shore drive. Once in the parking garage you take the stairs up to the purple circle. From there, take the blue route to the last of the 3 similarly-looking buildings (at least from the picture).