Welcome to the TriLUG home page. We are a LUG dedicated to the Triangle area including Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Research Triangle Park. This site, along with our wiki, will enable you to keep abreast of TriLUG information (meetings, events, news), and to communicate with local Linux and FOSS (Free and Open Source) enthusiasts.

The primary modes of interacting with us: mailing list, IRC, or coming to the monthly meetings.

Steering Committee Elections

The Steering Committee Elections will be held at the TriLUG May meeting.

Nominations are now open, please help your local Linux community by nominating yourself or some unsuspecting TriLUG member. There are five hotly contested positions on the Steering Committee, and you could be one of them. Contenders will be able to give a brief stump speech at the May meeting to drum up support, and then we vote.

To vote or serve on the committee, you will need to be a TriLUG "member". If you filled out a membership form at the April meeting or before, your covered. If you have lost your card, don't worry, we have a mysql database to look you up. Voting will be performed by paper ballot during the May meeting, and you must be present to vote.

The Steering Committee is responsible for planning meetings, finding speakers, ordering pizza, paying bills. This year they will need to secure a new meeting location, file the 501(c)3 paperwork, and Get Stuff Done™.

This post from a couple of years ago has a nice list of things to do:

Girl Develop It - Ladies Linux Day

Topic: Girl Develop It - Ladies Linux Day
Presenter: Rachael Hobbs, Amber Graner, ...
When: Saturday, May 4, 1pm - 5pm
Where: A Small Orange, 131 W Orange St, Durham, NC
Map: Google Maps

TriLUG (the Triangle Linux Users Group) and A Small Orange Hosting are co-sponsoring an event with Girl Develop It. Space is limited, and the signup is via the Meetup page. If you would like volunteer as a Speaker at this event, please contact the TriLUG Steering Committee or Rachael Hobbs.

May 9th meeting: FreeIPA

Topic: FreeIPA
Presenter: Jeremy Agee & Chris Hudson
When: Thursday, May 9, 7pm
Where: Red Hat HQ, NCSU Centennial Campus, 1801 Varsity Dr, Raleigh, NC
Map: Google Maps
Video: G+ Hangout Live and on YouTube [live stream and then archived on youtube]
Slides: Slides [ODP], Install Log [TXT], Demo Video [YouTube]

FreeIPA is an integrated Identity and Authentication solution for Linux/UNIX networked environments. A FreeIPA server provides centralized authentication, authorization and account information by storing data about user, groups, hosts and other objects necessary to manage the security aspects of a network of computers.

This talk will describe the different parts of IPA and what each one does:

  • What is an IdM system and why do i need one?
  • What do we need to manage?
  • overview of how do these parts work together NTP, LDAP, PKI, KDC, HTTPD, and DNS
  • client parts sssd, certmonger

The talk will then switch to a live demo of installing and configuring a FreeIPA server, and adding a client to the IPA infrastructure. The demo will cover CLI and Web UI for admins, dns management, krb5+nfs4 for file access, SSO for ssh + key management, and sssd caching for when IPA servers are unavailable (anyone use a laptop?).

If there is enough time after the demo, we can go into enterprise features like HBAC, sudo rules, Automount maps, selinux users, and AD cross-realm trusts.

April 11 meeting : Open source all the cities

Topic: Open source all the cities
Presenter: Jason Hibbets
When: Thursday, April 11, 7pm
Where: Red Hat HQ, NCSU Centennial Campus, 1801 Varsity Dr, Raleigh, NC
Map: Google Maps
Video: G+ Hangout Live and on YouTube [live stream and then archived on youtube]

What are the elements of an open source city? Learn how open source is influencing the open government movement in Raleigh. We’ll take a brief look at policy, participation, culture, and apps in Raleigh. You might be surprised how much is happening in the Triangle region, even if you're not a civic geek. I'll also talk about my book, The Foundation of an Open Source, and my successful crowdfunding campaign. This will very much be both a presentation and a conversation.

Pizza and drinks are sponsored by Fusion-io, and the room by Red Hat.

BarCampRDU 2013 - Sign Up

The venue date, May 18th, has been set for BarCampRDU 2013 and a sign up roster is now available.
This is going to be a great event in the awesome new venue. You certainly do not want to miss it!
To sign up visit http://trilug.org/barcamp/


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