Welcome to the TriLUG home page. We are a LUG dedicated to the Triangle area including Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Research Triangle Park. This site, along with our wiki, will enable you to keep abreast of TriLUG information (meetings, events, news), and to communicate with local Linux and FOSS (Free and Open Source) enthusiasts.

The primary modes of interacting with us: mailing list, IRC, or coming to the monthly meetings.

August 2006 Meeting - Nagios

Jason Faulkner and Ian Kilgore will be presenting "Nagios: FTW". They will cover a wall-to-wall setup of Nagios, including the Super Secret Broadwick Setup Method(tm) and lots
of cool scripts to help manage your nagios installation. Also, some custom nagios plugins that Ian and Jason have written will be available for download, along with a sample config.

Jason Faulkner is the System Administrator for Broadwick Corporation. He
runs the website OldOs.org and has been a TriLUG member for a year and a

Ian Kilgore is an Intern at Broadwick Corporation.


July 2006 Meeting - Blender

The June TriLUG meeting will be held Thursday, July 13, 2006 at Red Hat Headquarters (map and directions) at 7pm.

Details at 11.


June 2006 Meeting

The June TriLUG meeting will be held Thursday, June 8, 2006 at Red Hat Headquarters (map and directions) at 7pm.

Daniel Chen will be presenting on the new release of Ubuntu Linux, 6.06, a.k.a. "Dapper Drake," Which was released June 1. This release marks the first Ubuntu LTS (or Long Term Support) release.


May 2006 Meeting

The May TriLUG meeting will be held Thursday, May 11, 2006 at Red Hat Headquarters (map and directions) at 7pm.

Tanner Lovelace, et. al. will be discussing Certificate security using the CACert.Org Certificate Authority. We're planning on having enough CACert assurers at the meeting to give you 100 or more points at a single event. Stay tuned for details.

May is also the month for our annual Steering Committee elections. Nominations for any of the five positions should be sent to the trilug list or to steering AT trilug DOT org by 4 May, 2006 at 23:59:59. Note that 5 members are elected to the Committee "at-large" and the positions are determined by a game of "Not-it" shortly thereafter.


TriLUG Now Using Drupal

TriLUG has configured Drupal for its new Content Management System (CMS). It is currently undergoing testing.

Please send an email to steering at trilug dot org if you are interested in helping test it.


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