[Linux-ham] Durham FM Association meeting tonight (RC Planes)

Tanner Lovelace lovelace at wayfarer.org
Tue Aug 12 14:40:47 EDT 2003

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The Durham FM Association will be holding their August meeting tonight
(Aug 12) at Fuddruckers Restaurant behind the old South Square Mall
lot.  The address is 1809 Martin Luther King Parkway (next door to
the Wynsong Theater).

Mr. Dick Pettit, WA2ROC will present the program.  He is an avid builder
and pilot of large R/C model airplanes.  His planes may have wingspans
exceeding eight feet.  Modeling and flying these planes is the topic
of his talk.  Dick is on the product review staff of "R/C Report

People generally start congregating at 6pm to eat.  The meeting
itself will not start until 7pm and you do not need to eat there
to attend the meeting.

Tanner Lovelace
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