[Linux-ham] Calling all packeteers

Neil Little nllittle at vnet.net
Mon Sep 22 22:19:43 EDT 2003

kevin otte wrote ----
I have my TNC, radio, and antenna all connected back up.  I'll be installing
the computer to experiment with sometime soon.  I've been exploring the
CSC/TEARA network on 147.540 (1200 baud).  There's a BBS there but not much
else.  I haven't hit the DX cluster yet.

If there's anyone else out there interested in trying some new and
interesting stuff, let me know.  I personally would like to explore using
the Deflate library with the Linux AX.25 sockets to acheive some improvement
in throughput.  I started trying to write some of this a couple years ago,
but found my C ok and my understanding of the zlib libraries not so great.

73 for now!

-- Kevin Otte, N8VNR
nivex at nivex.net

Have you tried APRS yet?
I know of quite a few folks using it. All the various apps available 
also allow folks to input data from their weather stations.

NWS also uses this when storms come around.


   WA4AZL        JARS Forever!
   Neil Little

   Fuquay-Varina, NC

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