[linux-ham] ham to web (Tim), Winlink based ?

Mark W4CHL 6m6le1002 at sneakemail.com
Wed Oct 13 13:55:38 EDT 2004


We were strongly encouraged to look at Winlink2K at Winlink.org when we brought up similar requirements for emergency traffic handling. Yeah, I know it's Windoze instead of Linux based, and the code is Visual Basic to boot ! I did hear at a meeting that the base client will run under Wine, though I haven't followed up yet. 

The infrastructure for this is building, both through increasing numbers of PMBOs for direct HF connect, AND via packet.  The latter is something we in OCRA (Orange County Radio Amateurs) have been discussing and haven't setup to demo yet. It's on my list, down near #60 or so...

Seems as though Winlink would be an excellent platform for exchange of documents for emergency services teams. There are some documents on the ARRL.org site that allude to this kind of capability using Winlink as the delivery mechanism. 

And if Winlink can run "guested" on Linux all the better IMO. Got some spare time to validate/document the "guesting" part ? 

Cheers & 73 de Mark W4CHL

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