[Linux-ham] Re: 802.11 equipment repurposing from Part 15 to Part 97

sjackson at radarfind.com sjackson at radarfind.com
Tue Mar 8 14:29:43 EST 2005

In general, just because radio "things" are lying around does not make them
automatically useful.  (It pains the ham in me greatly to state that truth
.. But, it's true.)

Such projects would be fun to play on, and as a member of the IEEE 802.11
WG, I can say that the subject is *frequently* discussed amongst the many
hams who originated and now support 802.11 work.  (BTW: the IEEE 802 Plenary
is next week, in Atlanta.)

Why, then, is a result so elusive?

It would take a highly concerted effort to repurpose 802.11 devices, in
number, density, and organization, so as to make a useful data network.  

Establishing HTS-free links alone would be so challenging so as to preclude
their implementation in all but a few select and small geographies.  Every
participant would have to engineer his/her station to a strict set of
coordination practices.  And you'd *still* have to deal with the Part 15

In light of vastly superior voice/video/data technology such as the Icom
D*Star system, repurposed Part 15 devices are, well, just that: like trying
to convert a garage-door control to become a satellite station.  Same basic
idea; same basic level of interest.

Steve KZ1X/4

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