[Linux-ham] NC state amateur radio tags

Rob Rousseau ki4bke at nc.rr.com
Mon Jul 24 22:03:50 EDT 2006

This is more specific to North Carolina, but there is currently a bill 
in the NC house that would repeal the $10 cost for Hams.

House Bill #1433,  "Amateur Radio Plate Fee Eliminated"

-Rob, who has KI4BKE on his Amateur Radio license plate.

KI4OTK wrote:

> I just got a "new" (to me) truck and had to do some digging but found 
> that NC does indeed have Amateur Radio license plates available.  They 
> aren't well-advertised on the NC DMV web site, and they aren't even 
> well known by the workers at the DMV office.  I learned about it from 
> the ARRL web site so was able to be persistent at the DMV office.  At 
> first she didn't want to give them to me because they weren't showing 
> up in the computer but she asked around and found the right place to 
> look and I got it anyway.
> Cost is $10 more than a regular registration and includes your 
> callsign.  Regular personalized tags with a callsign would have been 
> about $30 over regular price so this was cheaper.  They do allow a 
> suffix if you have more than one car with amateur radio tags.
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