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If you are itching to try working at a cool local start-up, or you know
someone who is ... and you have (or the other person has) these skill sets,
please contact me ...  at RadarFind ... Steve Jackson 765-0046  
... thanks for the bandwidth ...
de KZ1X/4
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Web / UI Programmer
Looking for a web programmer with 3 to 5 years experience with demonstrated
depth and initiative in Flash (including connectivity to databases,
especially MySQL), XHTML/CSS, and JavaScript (emphasis on Ajax, web
services, and other client side web applications).  LAMP development
experience is preferred; openlaszlo experience a bonus.  Experience in
custom mapping and similar visual interfaces, including integration /
importation of existing DXF and JPG files, is highly valuable.

Experienced J2EE programmer
Will be working on rapidly evolving projects using Hibernate, Spring, JDBC,
JSPs / servlets, and other technologies. A familiarity and experience with
Agile development techniques is preferred. Servers such as Tomcat and JBoss
will be used. Must also possess intermediate to advanced understanding of
Linux (preferably RHEL) to be able to handle installation and runtime of
Java and MySQL.   An understanding of Swing is desired.  Additional
responsibilities will include establishing system performance metrics and
the ability to measure and track these, efficiency improvements, and fine
tuning of parameters for scaling the system based on  several ranges of
deployment size. Other tasks will focus on data presentations including
compatibility with Crystal Reports, industry standard and customized APIs,
XML interfaces to the database, as well as custom graphs and visualizations
of two and three dimensional data.   Awareness of network communications
procedures (secure socket comunications, Ethernet VLANs, QoS) is highly
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