[Linux-ham] Help With My PhD

Hilmi Lahoud hlahoud at bellsouth.net
Thu Jun 15 15:08:52 EDT 2006

Dear colleagues:

I am working on my PhD in Communications (Networking) Technology; my

I would like your assistance in taking my online PhD survey as well as
asking your colleagues to do it as well. Your help with this matter is
deeply appreciated. It is vital to completing my dissertation and ultimately
my doctorate degree.

In order for participants to be eligible, they must currently have at least
one year of experience working in North Carolina as network administrators.

Participation is voluntary and all responses will be kept confidential. All
answers will be properly protected with anonymity. Names of participants,
Employers, and E-mail addresses are optional. This survey has been designed
so that its completion will take no more than 10 minutes.

To take this survey please go to http://netadmin.speedsurvey.com/

When prompted for password please enter: netadminnc

Only cumulative data will be presented in my study and publications. My
results will be available upon request by contacting me directly.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I can be reached at (919)
266-6331 or hlahoud at bellsouth.net

Again, thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

H Lahoud, PhD (ABD)
hlahoud at bellsouth.net

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